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Every day, you count on us to move your money securely and quickly. We offer a whole range of financial solutions that help you transfer your money with ease and convenience.


About US

What is is the remittance website by UAE Exchange, that allows you to make international money transfers online.
We offer you competitive exchange rates, low transfer fee, quick processing, enhanced security and a friendly customer service team through the online money transfer service. You can also search for our mobile app - UAE Exchange

Why should I choose

. Great exchange rates, easy usability, convenience & security.
. More than 38 years of money transfer experience
. More than 100 correspondent banking partners in more than 30 countries across the globe.
. User friendly website
. Email and SMS notification

Our New Look

Why does the website look different? Is this a new look and feel?

As a company and as a community, we are always adapting and innovating to build brighter futures. This change is part of that journey. As we evolve our service and enter a new phase in our journey, we want to provide you the best and most convenient money transfer experience.

Can I trust this site?

Your safety is our top priority. If you have any concerns and want to check that it’s really UAE Exchange you’re communicating with, feel free to connect with our support team @ 600 555 550 or email us at

Is and the same?

Yes, we have migrated our transactional services to You can now access the same features and benefits from this URL.

Our Service

What are your online payout options?

Bank Transfer/ Account credit: Money can be sent directly to the recipient’s bank account. Cash payout: Send cash instantly to any of our 200,000+ agent payout location. The Recipient can collect the money on presenting a valid (original) photo ID and the 16 digits XPIN number from the payout location.

Where can I send money to?

UAE Exchange online offers money transfers to more than 190 countries. You can choose a destination country while adding the Recipient on the send money page. The available receiving options (e.g. bank deposit or cash pickup) vary depending on the country you are sending to.

What is Xpress Money?

Xpress Money is one of the largest Instant Money Transfer Operator in the world. It enables cash pickup money transfer service for UAE Exchange. The Recipient can collect cash from any of the 200,000 locations by presenting his ID and transaction reference (XPIN) number.

What is anywhere payout?

Anywhere payout is a unique feature where sender need not specify the collection location. Instead the recipient can collect cash from any of the Xpress Money agents by presenting the XPIN number and ID. This facility is available in most of the countries powered by Xpress Money.

How much money can I send online?

We have set some limits of the amount money you can send from your account to ensure safety of your account. Please note the same below -
a. Per transaction limit - AED 200,000
b. Maximum number of transactions allowed to the same recipient in a day- 2
c. Maximum number of transactions allowed in a month - 8
d. Maximum monthly transaction limit- AED 500,000

What are charges for sending money online using

UAE Exchange charges a nominal transaction fee depending on the receive country and payout service. You may check the fee in the menu section on the website.

What if I have a problem?

Feel free to write to us on or call us on +971 600 555 550


Who is eligible to use

Any individual above the age of 21 and resident of UAE.

How does this service work?

Money transfers on works in four simple steps
. Register on the site or app. If we do not have your KYC details, you will need to complete your KYC to activate your account by visiting any UAE Exchange branch in UAE.
. Select/Add new beneficiary. Beneficiaries are activated within 4 hours.
. Select your preferred payment method from the 3 options available
. Complete your transfer by making the payment

How do I register?

All users need to register on or mobile app.
New Customers:
a. Click on the Sign-Up button on the homepage.
b. Fill in the required details and confirm your registration.
c. An email with your Customer Number will be sent to the registered email address.
Existing UAE Exchange (branch) Customers:
a. Click on the Sign-Up button on the homepage.
b. Select I’m a UAE Exchange Customer
c. Enter your Customer number or registered mobile number and Date of birth and click on ‘Find me’
d. Verify details and click on ‘Send OTP’
f. OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number
g. Provide your Email address and create a password to register on the website
h. Confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address

What type of document do you accept in order to verify my identity?

Only a valid Emirates ID can be used to verify your identity. Please carry your original ID for verification purposes.

How do I get my customer number?

New customers – The Customer Number will be emailed to your registered email ID after you complete the registration.
Post login – The customer number is displayed under your Profile in the website
Existing customers - If you don’t remember your Customer Number. Please call our customer care team and they will be happy to help.

What does activation of account mean?

To ensure security of your account, we need to know who you are and we activate your account only once your KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirement checks are met.
Activation Process for New customer: After registering on the website/app, please walk into the any UAE Exchange branch with a valid Emirates ID. It will take just 2 minutes for our branch staff to verify your ID . Your account will then be instantly activated for online transactions.
Activation Process for Existing UAE Exchange branch customer: After registering on the website/app, if you get a message to complete your KYC, you are required to walk into any UAE Exchange branch with your Emirates ID for your KYC verification. Customers whose KYC is already completed & is active, do not need to do this step and can directly use the online service.
After providing the required details your account will be activated for online transactions.


Who is a Recipient? How can I add one?

A Recipient is the beneficiary of the amount sent by you. A recipient can be your spouse, relative, friend, etc. You can also be a self-recipient when you send money to your own account.
Please note- A recipient cannot be a corporate organization or charitable fund.
To add a Recipient
. Login to your account
. Click on add self if you are sending money to your own account or
. Click on add someone else
Another option
. Click on ‘My Recipients’ from left hand side menu and click on add button
. Click on add self or add someone else
. Bank Transfer: Beneficiaries to whom you would like to send money via account credit only
. Cash Payout: Beneficiaries to whom you would like to send money via cash payout only
. Fill in the required details
. Click on save

How Can I view or disable a Recipient?

To view or disable a Recipient
. Login to your account
. Click on ‘My Recipients’
. Click on View or Disable

I do not have all details of recipient bank details?

Some details are mandatory to process the transactions. Missing details can lead to transaction rejection. Please fill in all details carefully to avoid any inconvenience.


What are the payment options available?

UAE Exchange provides 3 payment options
Net Banking
Direct Debit
Wire Transfer

How does Net banking work?

Make instant payments through your bank account online at no additional cost.
. Login to /Mobile app and initiate the transfer to your Recipient
. Choose the payment option as Net Banking
. Select your bank from the list and click Continue.
You will be redirected to the Central Bank Payment Gateway page, from where you will be taken to your bank's login page. Enter your online banking credentials and approve the transactions to transfer the money.
On a successful transfer, you will be redirected back to the UAE Exchange website where you will be shown your Transaction receipt. You will also receive the same on your email address.

My bank was not available in net banking bank list. Why is that?

If you don’t find your local payment bank, then either your bank does not participate in UAE Central Bank’s Payment Gateway system or you haven’t saved your local payment bank details with us. To save your payment bank details, click on Add a bank account from the menu option.

My account was debited but my transaction status shows incomplete. What do I do?

In most cases, the transaction would be unsuccessful. Your bank will refund the amount back to your account. In case of any delays in the refund, please check with your banks customer service or cash management team.
Note: Please check with your bank or UAE Exchange customer service before you initiate an immediate second transaction.

How does Direct Debit (DDS) work?

Using Direct Debit customer authorizes his/her bank to allow UAE Exchange to withdraw funds from his/her bank account. You can either visit a branch to activate this payment option or do it yourself through the website.
Process to activate your account through the website -
a. Login to using your login ID and password and initiate a transaction to a Recipient of your choice
b. Choose the Payment option as Direct Debit transfer and select Add Payment Account
c. Fill in the required details such as Bank name, Your name as per account, IBAN & Emirates ID
d. Click on Save and Print
e. Sign the printed form
f. Upload the signed copy through Menu -> Upload Documents
g. Your account will be activated in 24-48 hours depending on your banks approval
h. Once activated you will receive a SMS and Email. After that you can initiate seamless transactions using this payment option
NOTE: Please note that your payment account activation is just a one-time process

What will happen if my account doesn't have enough funds for a Direct Debit?

You are requested to keep enough funds for your Direct Debit transfer. In case there isn't enough funds, the transaction will be cancelled. Your bank may also charge you a fee in such a case. Your bank may also report this to the UAE Etihad credit bureau.

How does Wire Transfer work?

Transfer funds from your bank account to UAE Exchange using wireTransfer
Step 1-
. Login to /Mobile app and initiate the transfer to your beneficiary
. Choose the payment option as Wire Transfer
. On the transaction confirmation screen, you will be shown a list of UAE Exchange bank accounts to which you can transfer money.
. On the transaction confirmation screen we will display the UAE Exchange bank account towards which you may transfer the payment funds. Note down the details of the bank account.
. Complete your transfer and make a note of your transaction reference number given on the receipt
. Before logout, complete step 2
Step 2-
. Login to the your local UAE bank's internet banking account
. Add UAE Exchange Center LLC as a beneficiary (using the account details provided)
. Save the beneficiary and transfer funds to the UAE Exchange local bank account
. Please ensure that the amount transferred matches the Total Payable amount in our receipt
. Make a note of you bank reference number for the payment made. Keeping a screenshot or copy of your bank’s payment receipt is recommended
. Go back to UAE Exchange’s website and insert your bank reference number in the field provided. This will help us track your payment.

How soon should I transfer the funds to UAE Exchange in order to complete the transfer? (for payment option ‘Wire Transfer’)

The transfer should be done on the same day after completing the transaction on the UAE Exchange website. Unpaid transactions will be cancelled 2 days from the date of transaction.


Where can I locate the transaction reference number or XPIN?

The reference number is mentioned in transaction receipt sent to your registered email address. It is a 16 digit unique transaction reference number on the top right.

Can I track the status of my transaction?

Yes. Use the transaction tracker tool available in left hand side menu to check the status of the transaction. Details can be retrieved using transaction reference/XPIN number.

How long does it take to receive money?

At your transfers are our commitment. We disperse the money as soon as possible with every intension of an early credit. Most transfers are credited within not more than 2 or 3 business days. It depends mostly on the country selected, delivery option and mode of payment selected.
Important: A few things that may effect the process such as-
. Delay in receiving payment from your end
. Recipient bank holidays/national holidays/difference in time zone/delivery hours
. Additional information request to meet requirements of regulatory body or your financial institution or your recipient bank for your security
. Payment networks processing hours
. Erroneous recipient details

Will I get a confirmation from UAE Exchange when my transfer is successful?

You will receive a SMS confirmation when the amount is successfully credited to the Recipient.

Can I cancel a transaction?

To cancel a transaction, send an email to customer service from your registered email address. Transaction can be canceled only if the amount has not been credited to Recipient.
Cancellation policy will operate owing to requests made and the sole discretion of transaction cancellation rests with Cancellation charges and rate adjustment would also apply for any cancellations.

My bank account got debited but transaction is not processed. What do I do?

Once your account is debited it take 2-3 business days to process your transaction. If the transaction is still not processed, then contact our customer support team.
Toll free number – 600 555 550
Email –


How can I download the mobile app?
What is a Promo Code? How do I use it? provides various discounts and promotional offers. The code may be used to avail the discount. Remember to enter the code in the ‘Promo Code’ field to avail the benefit.

My promo code is not working, what do I do?

Promo code usually have an expiry period, the duration of which is decided by In most cases, the promo code has either expired or no longer valid. For further assistance contact customer service team.

What do I do if I lose/forget my password?

. Click on “Lost password” on the homepage (You can locate it right below the password field)
. Enter your Customer number/registered email ID
. OTP will be issued to your registered mobile number
. Enter the OTP and Click on submit
You may now enter and save a password of your choice. Please note password must between 8 to 32 alphanumeric characters with 1 special charcter (@#$%&*_!)

How can I change my password?

. Login to your account
. Go to Your profile
. Click on Change password
. Enter old password and new password
. Click on Save

How do I set rate alert?

Rate alert is a facility by virtue of which customers will be alerted through Email/SMS once the exchange rate touches the defined value. Click ‘Set Alert’ on the home page in the rate calculator to set the preferred exchange rate. Enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile number and preferred rate. Check alert type as Email/SMS and click on ‘Set Alert’. An Email/SMS will be triggered once the exchange rate touches the preferred rate set by the customer.

What are your security measures?

UAE Exchange uses the latest 128- bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, the protocol used by all responsible websites on the internet and prevents any unauthorized person from accessing your account details., at regular intervals, is monitored by Norton Secured- Powered by VERISIGN and is PKI-enabled. We also keep your information safe and confidential as mentioned in the privacy policy.

How can I locate the nearest branch?

Check out our branch locator (Click here)

Foreign Exchange

What is an exchange rate?

Different countries have their own currency. In any money transfer or foreign exchange transaction, there is a domestic currency and a foreign currency which will have different values. The difference between these two rates will have an impact on the money you send or receive.

Where do I find the exchange rates?

Please visit our foreign exchange page and check our exchange rate calculator

Are the exchange rates the same every day?

No, the exchange rates are dynamic.

Travel Card

What is goCash/Travel card?

goCash is a prepaid travel card which is ideal for anyone, who is travelling abroad, either for business or for leisure. Anyone can purchase a gocash card, by registering with UAE Exchange. The card is currently issued to all UAE residents, who fulfill the necessary identification requirements. The users can also go for a personalised card with details including their name displayed on it.

Where all can I use the travel card?

The card can be used to shop online, withdraw money from ATMs and be used at MasterCard powered POS machines.

How many currencies can I load in the travel card?

You can load up to 6 currencies from a choice of 15.

What if my travel card is lost or stolen?

If your gocash card is stolen / lost / damaged, please report it immediately, by calling gocash Card Service Centre (+971-2-6355625). On successful identification, gocash Card Service Centre will block your gocash card. To continue using the gocash card services, please request for a replacement card and activate the same.

What is procedure to obtain a travel card?

Kindly log on to our goCash website or contact our branch office staff to obtain a card by calling gocash Card Service Centre (+971-2-6355625).

Bill Payments & Payroll Solutions

Can I pay my bills in any of the UAE Exchange branches?

Yes. We offer you many convenient and accessible ways to pay your utility, insurance or subscription bills at any UAE Exchange branch.

What kind of bill payments can be made?

Please refer to our products and services page to check for the kind of services we offer. For more information, visit the nearest branch.

Is there any charge for these payments?

There will be a nominal charge for the same. Kindly contact the nearest branch for more information.

What is Smartpay?

Smart Pay is a salary disbursal product offered by UAE Exchange. It was created with the intention of empowering corporate entities and their employees. Smart Pay complies with the Wages Protection System (WPS), an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Labour and UAE Central Bank to streamline the salary disbursal process, protecting the interests of both employers and employees.
For more details on SmartPay, logon to smartpaysolutions