Abdel Kareem AlKayed

General Manager

Abdel Kareem is the General Manager and UAE Country Head of UAE Exchange, spearheading the brand's operations in the United Arab Emirates. An industry veteran, he brings over two decades of experience in the banking and finance industry, leading management and business teams to deliver enhanced value to customers and stakeholders.

Abdel Kareem is responsible for driving business strategies that boost growth, operational efficiencies, market share and profitability, while keeping the focus on continuous improvement and innovation. He is instrumental in designing and executing customer-first plans that positively impact business and operational excellence and improve the overall customer experience and brand reputation. Under his able leadership, UAE Exchange continues to grow and be acknowledged as a trusted and market-leading brand in the UAE through innovative strategies and offerings.

Abdel Kareem joined UAE Exchange in 2008. Since then, he has held multifaceted roles that have seen him successfully set up, lead and expand the brand's operations in Jordan and other countries in the region. His knowledge of and strong experience in the Arab markets enables him to provide counsel across the board and actively contribute to achieving the brand's goals in the region.

Prior to joining UAE Exchange, Abdel Kareem was associated with Arab Bank Plc in Amman, Jordan.

Abdel Kareem is a postgraduate in Marketing from Amman Arab University, Jordan, and holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Yarmouk University, Jordan.