UAE Exchange Uganda today announced the results of its facebook campaign - ‘Celebrating customers, Celebrating pride’. Through this campaign, the company presented an exciting opportunity to its social media fans and customers to win vouchers worth Ugandan Shilling of 100,000.

This was a first-of-its-kind campaign in Uganda and yet another customer centric initiative announced by the company during the International Customer Service Week held from October 4-10, 2015.

Participants entered the campaign by mentioning their transaction details on the UAE Exchange facebook page. The top 10 lucky respondents were selected through an electronic draw.

Top 10 Lucky Winners


Name of the Winner

1. Arun Arjunan Pillai
2. Binyamine Malik (Rizwan Trading)
3. Deepak Jagadish
4. Deepu Francis
5. Kigozi
6. Mutebi Marvin
7. Nazrul Kaseem
8. Sanju Choyan Puthiyaveettil
9. Santosh Narayan Kharose
10. Subhan

UAE Exchange Uganda conducted a seven-day celebration across its branches on the eve of International Customer Service Week. Themed on ‘Innovation’, customers witnessed and participated in the various promotions and contests organised at the branches