Dr. B.R. Shetty, one of the leading entrepreneurs in the UAE, extends aid to Rashid Centre for Disabled to enhance infrastructure, enriching lives of the special children whom it nurtures. This is the second consecutive year of his association with the centre for the cause of the children.

Last year, as a first step to this association, he had sponsored a classroom at the centre in Dubai.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. B.R. Shetty said, “I take pride in my association with Rashid Centre, which has been incessantly working for the cause of the special children, preparing them to face life. My humble support is aimed at providing the right infrastructure to develop their skills. It is also my way of appreciating Rashid Centre, its management and staff for taking up such a cause and working hard to making a positive difference to the lives of the special children.”

Mrs. Mariam Othman, CEO, Rashid Centre for Disabled, said, “Rashid Centre has been on its journey to make a positive difference in the lives of special children for some time now. Our efforts gain new energy with enterprising individuals like Dr. Shetty offering the much needed encouragement to say we are on the right path. I thank him for his continued patronage and for setting an example for others to emulate. We take pride in our association with him, who has been an active philanthropist supporting various causes.”

Dr. B.R. Shetty has been a leading figure in the business and philanthropic circles for over four decades now. While the business tycoon owns NMCHealthcare, Neopharma and NMC Trading in the healthcare segment, he also leads UAE Exchange, Xpress Money and Travelex in the financial segment. The fact that all his business entities are service oriented in spirit reflects his profound humane side, which shines with the examples such as the support to various humanitarian and environmental causes. He was among the first to stand up for the victims of natural disasters like tsunami in India; Floods in Pakistan and Philippines; Earthquake in India and Nepal; and many more. Through his business entities, Dr. Shetty also partners with the like of UNICEF and UNWFP to spread smiles among children world over. The support to Rashid Centre was one such gesture for the welfare of the children, who are the future.