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Corporate Services

We enable you to propel your business forward with our customised solutions and services for corporates.

UAE Exchange empowers the corporate world to focus on their core business areas while taking care of their money transfer, foreign currency exchange and payments requirements. Our service delivery excellence and our commitment to seamless, timely, accurate and transparent transaction processing ensures that our corporate customers benefit from the UAE Exchange advantage.

Corporate Services

We adhere to strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) policies and have adequate controls in place to protect the data and privacy of our client information and business-in-confidence documents.

Our dedicated Relationship Managers are always on the lookout to create additional value for our corporate customers. This includes monitoring markets to help our corporate clients realise significant cost savings and providing 24x7 support for all their requirements.

We offer our corporate customers specialised and customised services in money transfer and foreign currency exchange, based on their business requirements.

Money Transfer Service for Corporates

We facilitate cross-border trade remittances for our corporate clients to their business partners or stakeholders, within minutes, through the following money transfer options available:

  • Direct Bank Account Credit: Making money transfers more convenient, Direct Bank Account Credit enables corporates to send money directly to the beneficiary's bank account through Telex Transfers (TT), Electronic Transfers (ET) and Demand Drafts (DD).
  • Instant Cash Transfers: To help corporates transfer cash quickly and securely, we have partnered with the best instant money transfer providers such as Xpress Money and Western Union under one roof.
  • Inter Branch Transfers: Previously known as Associate Branch Transfer, our Inter Branch Transfer is used by corporate customers to primarily transfer money to other UAE Exchange branches within the country to beneficiaries who are also in the UAE.

Foreign Currency Exchange Service for Corporates

We provide both retail and wholesale foreign currency exchange services to a wide range of corporate clients, including financial institutions, banks and commercial businesses.

With free pick-up and no delivery charges, we offer great deals to our corporate clients and enable them to buy and sell over 60 world currencies at competitive rates.

Our dedicated and personalised customer service, combined with the convenience, reliability and cost savings we offer, makes UAE Exchange the most preferred foreign currency exchange service provider of choice in the UAE.

We also provide the following Value-Added Services for Corporates

  • Offshore Salary Payments: In cases where the company is located abroad but has its centralised payroll department in the UAE, we assist such companies to transfer salaries to the home countries of their employees via Telex Transfer (TT).
  • Cash to Master: We deliver foreign currencies to the vessels of shipping companies at specified ports.

For the latest update or for more information, please contact UAE Exchange Customer Care on 600-555-550 or email or visit the nearest UAE Exchange branch.