Money Transfer services in jordan

Seamless Money Transfer. Safe and Secure.

Every day, you count on us to move your money securely and quickly. We offer a whole range of financial solutions that help you transfer your money with ease and convenience.

SWIFT Bank Account Transfer

Secure and effortless, our bank transfer services allow you to transfer money to your beneficiary’s bank account across the globe. We have partnered with close to 140 reputed banking institutions across the globe to reach out and be accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. We have the widest network of banks covering the entire expanse of the globe. Our advanced state-of-the-art technology ensures that the money reaches the beneficiary’s bank account fast and safe.

Features and Benefits

  • Send money to any destination
  • Get money delivered within 1 to 3 days
  • Derive maximum security for your transactions through our advanced electronic money transfer technology
  • Avail our banking network comprising more than 150 global banks to credit money to any bank account across the world


FLASHremit is the next level of bank transfers. This instant bank transfer service enables you to send money instantly to your loved ones’ bank account. Transfer of money is swift with both the sender and the beneficiary receiving a SMS notification, once the beneficiary’s account is credited.

Demand Draft (DD)

We provide Demand Draft services for all your payment related needs. Walk in to any of our branches, and you can draw a DD against your bills and applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Have demand drafts delivered at your beneficiary’s address
  • Get demand drafts to your beneficiary within 1 to 3 days
  • Obtain a demand draft within minutes at our counters

Send Money to Egypt through your Preferred Bank

Our special arrangement with major banks in Egypt makes it easier for you and your beneficiary to receive money at your favourite bank.

Banque Misr: Send money to Banque Misr from any Jordan UAE Exchange branch. Receive one of the best exchange rates with us.

Key Features

  • Realise a faster money transfer – It takes 1 day for cash payout to beneficiary
  • Give your beneficiary the advantage of cash payout for instant use
  • Get the reliability of trusted brands to send and receive money

Banque De Caire Send money to any Banque De Caire branch through your trusted Jordan UAE Exchange.

Key Features

  • Send money to reach your beneficiary within 1 day
  • Have your beneficiary collect money from any Banque De Caire branch
  • Have money delivered as cash to your beneficiary
  • Give your beneficiary the advantage of a quick and reliable cash payout

Bank of Alexandria Send money to any Bank of Alexandriabranch through Jordan UAE Exchange.

Key Features

  • Get money to your beneficiary fast – in 1 day
  • Give your beneficiary the advantage of receiving cash from any Bank of Alexandria branch
  • Get money delivered as cash to your beneficiary
  • Be assured of safe payout of money to your beneficiary

Instant Money Transfer

Sending money to your family and friends spread across the world is fast and trouble-free. Money transfers can be done within minutes through cash payout at various agent outlets or through account payout in select countries. For this purpose, we have ensured, we house the best instant money transfer providers under one roof.

  • Xpress Money
    Xpress Money is a leading global instant money transfer service with over 170,000 agents across 140 countries that ensure your money reaches your family members instantly. This strong network of instant money transfer agents make sending and receiving money highly convenient for both you and your beneficiary.
  • Western Union
    With over 494,000 agent locations worldwide, Western Union gives your beneficiaries easy access to cash payout points. You can also credit money to your beneficiary’s bank account.

    Note Account credit transfer is available for select countries. Please visit your nearest UAE Exchange branch for details.

  • EzRemit Transfer Money within Utmost Speed and Safety
    A money transfer service exclusive to Jordan, EzRemit gets your money to the beneficiary within minutes.
  • Realise the following benefits with EzRemit:
    • Send money to desired destination within minutes
    • Use a secure platform to send your money
    • Save time and efforts for your beneficiary – UAE Exchange has a wide global network; your beneficiary can easily locate the nearest branch and collect money.