• Compliance with Law:
    a. Ensure that our Money Transfer Operating system is best in line of technology and also complies with the Regulatory requirements laid down by local and international laws.
    b. Ensure that the Agents follow the AML/CTF policies and procedures laid down by UAE Exchange Malaysia.
  • Agent Platform: “MoneyBnet” is the customized Agent platform developed for the agency business which is designed to be very simple and user friendly.
  • Business Support: A dedicated “Agent Business Support & Excellence” department providing support to all the agents in all spheres like training, monitoring, operations and business development.
  • Partners: Agents are given treatment like that of a business partner of UAE Exchange.
  • Business promotion and acceleration: UAE Exchange will conduct, on behalf of its Agent, promotional activities and provide support in accelerating the promotion of business.
  • Co-branded signage and Marketing Collateral: UAE Exchange will provide to its Agent the marketing materials for the usage of UAE Exchange brand.
  • Agent Grading System: The performance of the Agents will be graded by UAE Exchange which would help them enhance their performance and become more competitive.
  • Comprehensive operations: The support provided to Agent shall be in accordance to the Standard Operations Procedures that UAE Exchange has in place.
  • Centralized Customer Database: Customer database is centralized for all the customers registered at any of UAE Exchange branches or with other Agents.
  • Exchange Rate: The exchange rate offered by UAE Exchange is competitive in market.
  • Attractive Income earning model: For more details please visit the branch.